Chiropractic PI Marketing 98% Increase in 28 Days or $119K

Online Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

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One of my recent chiropractic PI marketing clients increases his business 98% or $119K dollars in a 28 day time spam.

How we were able to acomplish this chiropractic PI marketing was first by doing a very specific statistical analysis to determine the weakest marketing point in his practice and place a strategy to stop losing business.

Next we did a specific analysis of the greatest chiropractic PI marketing growth potential and put a system in place to optimize the potential for this section of patient growth.

Last we trained the chiropractor on exactly who he was doing wrong so he would understand not to continue bad practices and then we put in place a highly effective chiropractic PI marketing strategy to increase growth.

The combination of indentifying and stopping bad practices combined with traing and implementing chiropractic PI marketing which is effective produced significant results quickly.

Those chiropractic PI marketing results were a 98% growth in 28 days or $119K in additional revenue.

For more information on how we can produce similar results with your chiropractic PI marketing give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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