Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Show Set to Start

Dr. Paul Hollern and Dr. Steve Wilson will be presenting a bimonthly personal injury marketing show on the internet

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(Dr. Hollern interviewing Dr. Wilson for his chiropractic personal injury marketing)

Dr. Paul Hollern the founder of 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states and Dr. Steve Wilson chiropractic neurologist will be presenting an internet show on personal injury marketing. Dr. Hollern and Dr. Wilson both have extensive deposition and trial experience on how to process and market the PI case.

The focus of the internet show will combine multiple PI marketing methods along with specialized knowledge on “How a Skilled and Qualified Doctor of Chiropractic through Case Management can Maximize the Financial Recovery for a Truly Legitimate Personal Injury Case.”

This knowledge when marketed properly will position the chiropractor to be the go to doctor in his community with local PI attorneys.

The PI marketing show will be live, last 30 minutes and handle viewer e-mails. To have your e-mail answered on the PI marketing show e-mail:

The chiropractic personal injury marketing show will be followed in the next several weeks with a PI workshop on chiropractic personal injury marketing.

For information on how to access the free chiropractic personal injury marketing show e-mail Dr. Hollern.


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