Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Show: MRI Standing vs. Sitting

Dr. Paul Hollern Interviews Dr. Steve Wilson

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Chiropractic PI marketing is all about creating value to the PI attorney. One method of creating value to the PI attorney is to be able to maximize the financial recovery for you patient and therefore the PI attorney.

Educating the PI attorney with your chiropractic personal injury marketing as to how you can increase their income for your work can prove to be a very effective chiropractic PI attorney marketing system.

One such method is to find lesion which you or your competition would not have found with less knowledge.

When ordering an MRI for evaluation of a disc injury, consider order the MRI in the sitting position. The sitting position will increase the pressure in the disc and help bring out or magnify an otherwise dormant disc lesion.

Do not just order the MRI and allow the MRI center to use their default settings. Get agreements with who you refer your MRI’s for your specs.

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