Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Show:

MRI Flexion Extension

Dr. Paul Hollern Describes PI Attorney Marketing Technique

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The effectiveness of your PI attorney marketing depends on the value you bring to the attorney. Knowing specific techniques in your examination and treatment procedures helps create value to the PI attorney.

One example of adding value to the PI case is evaluating the disc with flexion and extension MRI views. These views show up to 30% more disc injury which would otherwise be overlooked.

You should have a set of specific criteria when marketing to PI attorneys.

Your ability to create a valuable case management for the PI attorney will depend on if you can create more value than other health care providers.

A good PI attorney presentation includes case management specifics which you can show the attorney how you can maximize the financial compensation for truly legitimate and significant injuries.

If you cannot bring any more to the table than the next chiropractor there is no reason for any PI attorney to choose you over your competition.

Your chiropractic personal injury marketing can have a significant impact on PI attorney referrals.

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