Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing:

How Case Values Are Determined

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

How Values for Cases are Determined:

1. Colossus: 600 diagnoses and 10,000 Rules or Factors.

2. Claims Outcome Advisor: 20,000 diagnoses (from ICD-9), factors, and 14,000 occupations and the ability to have injuries rehabbed so that the injured can get back to work. This system also evaluates Work Comp Claims.

3. Neither of these sets of factors allows for the proper evaluation of a bodily injury claim. Colossus evaluates injuries based upon a severity scale which provides “weight” to certain injuries and factors based on “severity points”. This points system was set up by a group of 20-30 adjustors (at least in the companies of Allstate and Farmers) in a geographic or “economic” region. All 600 injuries in Colossus have a profile which provides assumptions about the expectations and assumptions about the likely resolution of the injury as far as treatment and duration is concerned. It also provides the severity rating for each injury.

Currently, these massive computer programs are being networked, thus allowing the auto insurance portion of a company to directly communicate with the general health portion or bodily injury portion of the company without direct approval by the patient.

When entering information into Colossus for valuation, the system is based on a set of “pop up” screens, in other words, screens pop up when certain information is entered into the computer. For those screens to be activated, the initial information needs to be entered. The more information that is entered, the more pop-up screens will appear, allowing more information to be given. The more information given, the better the chance for a proper evaluation for the patient.

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