Chiropractic Online Marketing Tip: Insurance Videos

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

One of the major categories new patients search when looking for a chiropractic is their own insurance company. Creating content such as videos, blogs and articles using the name of each insurance company you accept and your location will help you get new patients using chiropractic online marketing.

Patients will routinely search or Google their insurance provider along with one of several other words to see which chiropractors are on their plan or which ones accept their insurance.

One of the services we offer with our chiropractic online marketing is videos of the chiropractor stating how they accept that particular insurance company.

We then recode the videos to cover 6 basic insurance related words which are often searched by new patients.

The six words are:

  1. Insurance company with
  2. Provider
  3. Coverage
  4. Benefits
  5. Doctor
  6. Chiropractor

When potential patient Google their insurance provider along with one of the previous words and their city these videos pop up and capture many new patients. You have to remember that cost is one of the main factors new patients will base their decision when searching chiropractors online.

They also want to know if you will accept their insurance and do they need a medical providers referral. You content should reflect this information with a call to action.

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