Chiropractic Online Coaching Services

Dr. Paul Hollern has opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 states

Those offices were responsible for over 40,000 new patients and 600,000 patient visits annually

Dr. Hollern offers coaching services online, by telephone, and in person. The marketing systems Dr. Hollern used to open 77 Chiropractic offices are taught online in his coaching service

Three Marketing Systems Create an Exceptional Chiropractic Practice

  1. New Patient Marketing Systems
  2. Patient Retentions Systems
  3. Re-activations Systems

Good staff, well trained, creates highly profitable practices

We focus only on the most effective marketing systems. Those systems are called introduction marketing systems. Introduction marketing leads to high quality new patients. Patients that trust you stay pay and refer.

Our new patient marketing systems include:

  • Spouse referral system
  • Child referral system
  • Friend referral system

These new patient referral systems combine the doctor, postcards, letters, internet video and e-mail auto-responders.

Additional new patient referral systems include:

  • PI attorney referral systems
  • Auto accident referral systems
  • General practitioner referral systems

Our Patient retention system includes:

A multi-sensory highly interactive, horizontal and vertical patient education

Stair step your patients education to choose your care plan.

The system is based on the three phases of healing and utilizes horizontal and vertical learning with multi sensory stimulation.

Horizontal learning means the patient is exposed to a focused message incrementally over several days.

Vertical educational process means incrementally adding information which supplements and supports prior information. Not only delivering content that supports but goes into more depth on each interactive session. It is essentially taking new patients on your educational journey with small baby steps from simple topics to more complex and interactive at each session.

The multi-sensory horizontal and vertical educational process

is the most effective form of the human learning experience

Our patient re-activation system is consistent and follows up

Patient re-activation system we put on auto pilot

A effective reactivation system uses effective messages, delivered by the doctor, using video over the internet and it’s all automated.

We only train 3 systems, but we get them right the first time

  1. New patient marketing
  2. Patient retention system
  3. Re-activation system

What the Coaching Includes:

  • All 3 Marketing Systems: New patient, Retention and Re-activation

  • Practice analysis- We’ll evaluate your new patient, reactivation, and retention statistics to see where we can have the greatest impact the quickest.

  • The goal would be to increase each category 20% for a minimum 60% increase in your practice.

  • Unlimited e-mails

  • Weekly scheduled 30 minute phone sessions (others as needed)

  • On site training if needed (additional)

Initial practice evaluation $249

Cost: $149 month

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