Chiropractic Online Marketing Most Effective 4 Words

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

The most effective 4 words you can use for your chiropractic online marketing is “I Need Your Help”.

So what exactly does this mean and why does it work?

The phrase “I need your help” is what is called a rescue phrase. It positions the user of the phase as “weaker or giving up authority”. The reason this is such a powerful phrase is as humans we have an inherent need to help the under privileged or to rescue someone who needs help.

“I Need Your Help” is a subconscious way to get your patients to act.

The most effective way to use the phase with chiropractic online marketing is when asking for referrals.

When you use the phase it will stimulate an unconscious drive for you audience to help. That audience should be your patient base.

So on occasion, go ahead and use chiropractor online marketing to send out via e-mail or video or both a rescue phrase I Need Your Help.

If used sparingly and with sincerity you may be surprised how effective the rescue phase can work.

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