Chiropractic Marketing for Personal Injury

Chiropractic PI Marketing Systems

A few of the chiropractic marketing for personal injury patient systems include:

  • Past patients reactivation’s
  • Existing patients family and friends
  • Organic search engine marketing
  • Pay per click internet marketing
  • PI attorney marketing
  • Local GP’s, Neurosurgeons

When marketing for chiropractic PI patients the basic marketing formula applies:

  1. Demographics, Psycho-graphics, Geo-graphics
  2. Gateway or Unique Segmentation Positions
  3. Vehicle of delivery
  4. Needs analysis
  5. Presentation
  6. Obstacles
  7. Close
  8. Multiple Follow-up

If you are interested in chiropractic marketing for personal injury patietns, give me a call, I can make it work for you.



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