Chiropractic Internet Marketing For Patient Re-activation

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

One of the most effective uses of chiropractic internet marketing is for patient re-activations.

The reason is chiropractic internet marketing is cheap and has emotional appeal if you use doctor videos.

A very simple chiropractic internet marketing systems is to have the doctor shoot a brief webcam a video message. Take the video message upload it to your YouTube account then copy and paste the link into your e-mail system and send it off.

The e-mails are free, the videos are great forms of chiropractic internet marketing and the message can be very personal and emotional.

At the very least find you best 20% of patient base who has referred the most patients and send them a thank you for each referral and/or their birthday.

This form of chiropractic internet marketing has the greatest appeal because it is visual and personal. The method of delivery is cheap, an e-mail.

Prior to the internet we has to spend the cost of a postcard to communicate to our past patients. Not only has the method using chiropractic internet marketing more effective but much less expensive.

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