Cheap and Effective Online Chiropractic Marketing Web-cam Lighting

Dr. Paul Hollern describes how to easily light your web-cam videos

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Often you’ll need a little extra lighting to give a fresh look to your web-cam videos. The main purpose of the extra lighting is to brighten the face and remove the shadows produced from the overhead lights.

Be aware there are several different types of kelvin lighting. The best for of light is natural light which runs at around 65K. A compact fluorescent 5K or 55K bulb will significantly help lighten your face and remove the shadows.

One or two 60 watt bulbs should give sufficiant light for webcam online chiropractic marketing videos.

One or two lights placed one either side of your web-cam should do the trick.

Remember, lighting is the most important aspect of video. If you get the lighting right it’s hard to mess up the rest.

Bad lighting usually means bad video.

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