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Automated Chiropractic Online Marketing Video Newsletter

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

One of the best and most effective uses of chiropractic online marketing is the automated doctor video newsletter. The newsletter is one of the most effective forms of maintaining a relationship with your past patients and stimulating re-activations and referrals.

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The automated portion of the video newsletter is by using the e-mail auto-responder. If you have your new patients sign up for the e-mail auto-responder at the time of the first visit they will always be getting a form of contact from you automated. Now you do have to set up the automation however after if is set up there are no more labor or time costs.

We use e-mail for two main reasons, first it is inexpensive and second almost everybody has an e-mail account and uses it frequently. Communication with your patients via e-mail is a very cost effective method of chiropractic online marketing.

The next portion which makes this form of chiropractic online marketing the best form of communication is personal videos of the doctor. Most people communicate (55%) visually. So you are not only using a very effective form of communication you are stimulating an emotional trigger.

Your patients have some form of emotional relationship after having been treated by you. When they see a video of you it creates an emotional response like no other form of chiropractic online marketing.

When used in combination the automated chiropractic marketing video newsletter is one of the best forms of chiropractic online marketing.

For more information on how to set up your automated chiropractic online marketing video newsletter give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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Cheap and Effective Online Chiropractic Marketing Web-cam Lighting

Dr. Paul Hollern describes how to easily light your web-cam videos

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Often you’ll need a little extra lighting to give a fresh look to your web-cam videos. The main purpose of the extra lighting is to brighten the face and remove the shadows produced from the overhead lights.

Be aware there are several different types of kelvin lighting. The best for of light is natural light which runs at around 65K. A compact fluorescent 5K or 55K bulb will significantly help lighten your face and remove the shadows.

One or two 60 watt bulbs should give sufficiant light for webcam online chiropractic marketing videos.

One or two lights placed one either side of your web-cam should do the trick.

Remember, lighting is the most important aspect of video. If you get the lighting right it’s hard to mess up the rest.

Bad lighting usually means bad video.

Cheap Web-cam Lighting for Online Chiropractic Marketing

Web-cam lighting for your Chiropractic Internet Marketing

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This is a very easy and cheap way to light your videos using your web-cam.

The best source of light comes from a 5000k or 5500k fluorescent bulb. Typically around 60 watts would be enough to give the appearance of a well lit room. If your chiropractic office is dimly lit you might want to consider using two bulbs on each side your your web-cam.

The lighting is the most important part of using a web-cam. Bad lighting is what makes for bad video. If you just get the lighting right chances are everything else will look fine.

Mess up the lighting and noting else on your online chiropractic web-cam marketing will look fine.

Using this little 60 watt bulb, 5000k kelvin temperature bulb should be adequate for your online chiropractic marketing using your web-cam.

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