Best PI Chiropractic Marketing Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Specialist

The internet has become the most effective tool in marketing. Chiropractor now have access to unlimited new patients by communicating over the internet.

The best new patient marketing tools are: Google places, Google organic search first page, pay per click, new patient capture systems, re-activations systems, active patient referral systems, pi attorney, MD referrals.

There are several points why the internet is best for your new patient marketing, they are: most people have access, They can see the doctor using videos, you can reach high numbers of people with little time, content should be about the doctor and personal, e-mail follow-up that is automated saving staff and doctor time.

After referrals, the number one reason people pick a chiropractor is based on location. Google recognizes this fact and created the Google seven pack. The first Google listings are location based to help the searchers find a product or service in their back yard. Many potential chiropractic patients will pick who is in there back yard.

The vast majority of potential chiropractic new patients will pick a chiropractic listing on the first page of Google. Most internet searchers know that the organic section is a non paid section and therefore trust those link more than the pay per click on the right side of the page.

Sixteen percent of the potential chiropractic new patients will click on the paid ads at the top of the page or the right hand side. The back news is not many people will click on the pay per click area, however when they do click, there is a higher likely hood that person has the problem your are marketing. The pay per click is high target marketing and you do not pay unless they click your link.

New patient lead generation systems involve creating content to common questions being asked on Google about your subject. Be sure to ask for their contact information for automated follow-up messages.

Re-activate your past patients with e-mails that contain links to video of the doctor giving relevant information. On occasion send a link to one of your web pages to a solution to a particular chief complaint that contains solutions to their problem and a call to action.

Ask your present patients if they know any family members or friends that can be helped with chiropractic. Send an e-mail, letter or postcard to that individual with the link to a video recording of the doctor addressing how they can help relieve that specific condition. Your video content should contain the specific problem, common causes, your solutions, any testimonials and a call to action.

Set up an e-mail auto-responder for the personal injury attorney connected to a series of educational videos. Create a series of videos which describe the benefits of how you can help the PI attorney. Send the link to those videos to a target list of PI attorneys with a call to action.

Increase your medical doctor referrals using automated doctor videos sent via automated e-mail auto-responder with the link to the videos. Initiate the contact via a letter with instructions on what link to follow for information that is vital to the medical doctor.

The reasons online chiropractic marketing is best suited for your chiropractic new patients machine is the following: Each recipient has high accessibility to the internet, you can leverage your message to a large audience, using videos of the doctor it is visual and personal, e-mail auto-responders allow for automated follow-up. These are the five reasons online chiropractic marketing is the latest and best chiropractic marketing system.

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