Best Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

Back in the old day there were several methods to marketing to attract patients. The most prevalent was the yellow pages, but a variety of vehicle of delivery methods were effective including the newspaper, direct mail and inserts.

In this day and age the only real method to deliver your message is the internet. Over 90 percent of the population has access  to the internet and 81 percent has a computer in their home.

Ask any patient where they go to receive their information and the majority will say the internet.

Because the majority of your potential patients go to the internet for information you have to be on the internet to deliver your message.

There are several ways for online chiropractic marketing, these are the best:

  1. Video on the internet
  2. E-mail with video links
  3. Video in organic search

Consumers are clicking on videos at a rapid rate which exceeds other forms of marketing on the internt.

Video makes it easy for the consumer, they would rather click play than read.

Video helps develop trust in the chiropractor. Many of my clients tell me of how when patients come in from their online content they like the doctor videos the best.

If your not massively attacking online chiropractic marketing your behind.

If your looking for a expert in the field of chiropractic online marketing, give me a call. We personalize online chiropractic marketing with your videos all over the internet.


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