Best Kept Chiropractic Online Marketing Secret

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

One of the best if not the best chiropractic online marketing secret is the e-mail auto responder. A e-mail auto responder is an e-mail systems which automatically sends e-mails to who ever has signed up or agree to sent e-mails.

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The main reason the e-mail auto responder is the best kept secret is the follow up. The vast majority of chiropractors do not keep a list or follow up with their past patients or any data base for that matter.

The follow up is one of the most powerful aspects to effective marketing. The reason has to do with four categories.

  1. Trust
  2. Defenses
  3. Resistance
  4. Confidence

The e-mail auto responder helps each of the four previous categories. As each of the categories are improved your likely hood of getting that persona to act increases significantly.

Most of us do not act the first time we hear of a product or service. If we do there usually has to be high need. Most of the potential patients who seek chiropractic care are not high need. They are periodic flare ups from a previous injury.

Staying in touch with a potential client is one of the most effective means of increasing marketing share.

The second major reason the e-mail auto responder is powerful is cost. There is little to no cost associated with the e-mail auto responder.

I often remind clients that prior to the internet we had to spend fifty cents to one dollar to communicate once with our patients. The e-mail auto responder can contact your potential patient many times at no additional fee.

The last reason the e-mail auto responder is powerful is the option to place a link in the e-mail to a video. The vast majority of people communicate visually. To be able to create a personal doctor message and communicate it in your chiropractic online marketing for little to no cost is extraordinary.

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