Best Forms of Chiropractor Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractor Marketing Expert

This is a short list of some of the best forms of chiropractor marketing.

  • Mandatory Spinal Workshop
  • Mandatory Significant Other for Report of Findings
  • Family Child Scoliosis Check
  • Dinner with the Doctor
  • First Page Google for Your Proximity, Gateways and Insurance Companies

I have personally found that most chiropractors can only focus on a 1 to 3 chiropractor marketing events at a time. Therefore you have to pick and choose which are the most effective while the doctor is still willing to perform.

This not the method I recommend, just that I have found it to reality.

The previous methods of chiropractor marketing is based on several factors of which I will only go into a few.

The primary two factors this short list incorporates is a concept called high trust marketing. That is you will get the best response from your chiropractor marketing when it is associated with one of your existing patients that trust you.

The second concept is based on where patients are looking. Your chiropractor marketing has to take place in the places new patients are looking for chiropractic providers and that is the internet.

So the best forms of chiropractor marketing involve your present and past patient base and being in front of them when they are looking and in this case this is the internet.

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