Best Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Treatment Keywords

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Expert

When potential personal injury patients search the internet they will have a tendency to search specific keywords. If you have content on the first page of Google when they search you have a strong chance of capturing these personal injury patients.

The best chiropractic personal injury marketing keywords are:

  • Auto Injury Relief (Location)
  • Auto Accident Injury Relief (Location)
  • Auto Injury Therapy (Location)
  • Auto Accident Injury Therapy (Location)
  • Auto Injury Treatment (Location)
  • Auto Accident Injury Treatment (Location)

The words relief, therapy and treatment are key chiropractic personal injury keywords because they indicate wanting to take action.

The root word itself such as auto injury indicates they are just searching for information.

The (Location) is specific to your town or city.

In addition add to this list the keywords car injury, whiplash injury, motorcycle injury, truck injury. Add the same extension keywords to each and you will have over 50 keywords covered on the internet for your chiropractic personal injury marketing.

When you create and submit the content be sure to use videos and in the videos offer solutions to each of these personal injury keywords. Most people will play a video before they read an article or blog.

In your chiropractic personal injury marketing videos be sure to include a call to action, maybe even an offer and your contact information.

More and more potential personal injury patients are searching the internet for information related to their condition.

Over 67% of patients will search the internet for their condition before they make the first appointment with a doctor. So if you are the one who is in front on them on the internet answering their questions chances are you will get the call.

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