Basic Chiropractor Marketing Skills

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractor Marketing Expert

There are just a few skill sets needed for effective chiropractor marketing. The first is the knowledge of the s-curve of economics as it relates to chiropractic.

The reasons knowledge of the s-curve of economics is vital is this is the who, what, where, when and how of marketing.

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After you understand the s-curve as it relates to chiropractic all you need to be able to do is reverse engineer the results and apply them.

You do not have to guess or waste mush time or money trying to figure out what will work and what will not work.

Just apply the knowledge of the s-curve and you will have exactly the answers needed for your chiropractor marketing.

Unfortunately most chiropractors I speak with not only do not know about the s-curve they do not know how to apply the information.

The typical chiropractor just keeps chasing one chiropractor marketing program after the next without any science to back up their reasoning. It appears to all be about the emotion aspect of themselves.

This is when you can get very frustrated with not only chiropractic but your lifestyle when your chiropractor marketing is not effective and you do not have the skill set or knowledge to change the results.

When you understand how the s-curve of economics relates to chiropractor marketing you know have all the answers to effective chiropractor marketing. The reason you do is because this is what is working.

All you have to do is repeat the process to get the same results.

I strongly urge you to learn the s-curve of economics to learn the basics of chiropractor marketing.

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