Bad Example PI Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, PI Chiropractic Marketing Expert

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There are a few examples I have recently come across of bad PI chiropractic marketing.

Lets first identify good PI chiropractic marketing.

The science of marketing is pretty straightforward. This is the formula for good PI chiropractic marketing.

  • First define your target market using the following guidelines:
  • Use a demographic analysis to help narrow and define your target.
  • Then apply the same criteria using the psychographic profiling.
  • Do the same with your geographic analysis and phychographic barriers.
  • Understand your target markets optimal vehicle of communication.
  • The pick the unique sales position of either location, price, quality, service.
  • After you have narrowed this down identify the primary and secondary factors for your category and a solution which will help their problem.
  • Be sure to include an offer and a deadline in your PI chiropractic marketing and last but not least be sure to follow up.

Now having said this as the science of PI chiropractic marketing, bad PI chiropractic marketing essentially is PI marketing that does not do any or very few of the previous PI chiropractic marketing formula.

For more information on how Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems Helps with your PI chiropractic marketing give me a call at 813-480-1693.


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