Auto Accident Promotion System uses 8 components:

First you accumulate a list of local PI attorneys. A personal letter is sent to this list with a specific and relevant message for the attorney go to a vanity URL.
Once there the attorney watches a brief video presentation that was recorded by you. The content of that message describes how you can increase their PI cases. The messages asks the attorney to call or email for an appointment with you.
If the attorney does not respond after the first video presentations, a follow up video presentation is delivered via email each week until the attorney wants to meet with you or removes you from his e-mail.

8 Main Factors that make this work:

  1. Specific audience-PI attorneys
  2. Specific message-what benefits them, this is not about teaching them about Chiropractic.
  3. Personal-Video of you.
  4. Video-Uses all the senses.
  5. Repetitive-New informative brief video message are delivered weekly.
  6. Automated-Once set-up, takes not more time, money.
  7. Very Cheap, Large ROI-Large profit per client.
  8. Multiple forms of media to contact the attorney creates credibility and awareness
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