A Highly Effective Chiropractic Online Marketing Technique

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing

One of the most simple and effective chiropractic online marketing techniques is to send a personal video of the doctor wishing their very best referring patients a happy birthday video.

The chiropractic online marketing technique involves just a few steps and here they are:

  • First segment your patient list into 3 segments with the smallest segment beingĀ  patients who have referred more than one patient to your office. This particular group is known as the VIP’s or 3%er’s.
  • Second, use a high definition web cam such as the Logitech 910C to record the chiropractic online marketing video.
  • Third, it is important for the doctor to create a video and preferably not with the staff to send to the VIP on their birthday.
  • Fourth, in the video the content should have 3 components the persons name should be said, wish them a happy birthday and last and most important be sure to ask them or say something personal that you remember about that person such as how their sports team is doing or golf game.
  • The personalization is very important.
  • Last, upload the video to You-tube or another video sharing site, copy the link to that video and paste in in an e-mail and send it to the patients on their birthday.

This is a very personal and unique way to promote your chiropractic online marketing and takes very little effort, time or money. And your are communicating to the most valuable segment of your practice.

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