A Few Chiropractic Online Marketing Strategies

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing

Most of the time when I speak with clients they are not familiar with all the options of chiropractic online marketing and to be honest with you this alone prevents them from moving forward.

To help make chiropractic online marketing seem a little less intimidating let me share with you some of the more common chiropractic online marketing techniques to help promote your practice and drive in new patients.

  • Web site blog
  • Web site
  • Videos Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • E-mail marketing
  • E-mail auto responders
  • Google Pay Per Click
  • Facebook Pay Per Click

This are just a few of the more common chiropractic online marketing strategies to help promote your chiropractic practice online.

My personal recommendations is to do what you do best and make the most money at which is chiropractic treatments and let a professional set up and promote your chiropractic practice with chiropractic online marketing.

As when potential clients call I’ll ask them do you bill your own insurance or have a insurance CA, do you answer your own phone or a CA, do you do you own therapy or a CA, do you do your own taxes or a CPA.

In any business the highest return on investment is to maximize your exchange of time for money. One of the methods is to surround yourself with support staff that help you do what you do best.

With chiropractic online marketing is no different, hire the professional to maximize your efforts and help keep you busy.

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