60% of Households NO Longer Use Yellow Pages

by Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

82% of Consumers Use Online for Local Products and Services

Did you know as much as 60% of households no longer use the Yellow Pages.

Yet I still have Chiropractors spending large sums of money monthly on yellow page ads.

One of my clients was spending $415 dollars a month on yellow pages. When I ask him how many new patients he was getting from it he said “I do not know, I can’t remember the last time I got a patient from the yellow pages”.

I ask him why he was still spending that kind of money on advertising he knew was not working or the ROI (return of investment), listen to his answer………..

His response….“I don’t know what else to do”

The yellow pages have goneĀ  the way of the dodo bird…..extinct.

As you can see from the statistic when potential patients are looking for a provider………………

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