4 Steps to Online Chiropractic Marketing Website

Dr. Paul Hollern offers 4 steps to chiropractic internet content

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Most chiropractors make the mistake of placing way to much importance on website design.

Website design is the last factor to consider when building your chiropractic website and online chiropractic marketing

The most important component is SEO or search engine optimization. The SEO is what gets your chiropractic marketing in front of a audiance. It does not matter if you have the best looking website on the block if nobody ever sees it.

After SEO comes copy. The copy is the content of the sight and what you say. The copy should follow the science of advertising by Claude Hopkins.

After the SEO and copy consider the structure of your site. The structure should be based on how websites are viewed subconsciously by the viewer. The pattern should follow what is called the golden triangle.

4 Steps to Online Chiropractic Marketing Websites

  1. Structure-Golden triangle
  2. Copy-Science of advertising
  3. Search engine optimization-First page Google rankings
  4. Design-Thermographic studies
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