24000K Online Chiropractic Marketing Videos

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Expert

Can you believe it is possible to have over 2400K chiropractic videos online.

At online chiropractic marketing systems this is exactly one of the online marketing systems we do for our clients.

We use recorded live videos of you the chiropractor, not generic videos or photos turned into videos.

This is how we create 24000K videos for our online chiropractic marketing clients.

First we start with 60 different keywords. These are keywords of the common symptoms and chief complaints chiropractors routinley treat.

Then we shoot 200 videos of you the chiropractor answering how you can help these symptoms, common questions about these symptoms and common causes of these symptoms.

We then take these 200 videos and recode them creating 600 fresh newly coded videos.

We then take the 600 chiropractic videos of 60 keywords and submit them to over 20 videos sharing sites creating 12000K online chiropractic videos.

We then recode the videos and resubmit them every 6 months creating over 24000K online chiropractic videos on 60 keywords to 20 different video sharing sites.

No other chiropractic online marketing company with take this time and effort to create and submit over 24000K chiropractic videos online to marketing your chiropractic practice.

To learn more on how we create and submit over 24000K online chiropractic marketing videos give me a call at (813) 480-1693.

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