24000K Chiropractic Videos

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Video Expert

Now chiropractors can have over 24000 chiropractic videos on the internet, Facebook and Youtube.

At Online Chiropractic Systems we take custom videos of our clients, not generic videos

It all starts with shooting the chiropractor for 16 chief complaints and all their insurance companies.

The chiropractic videos are in three basic segments of information, common cause of the chief complaint, how chiropractic helps that chief complaint, therapies used to help the chief complaint and common questions about the chief complaint.

This usually adds up to about 200 chiropractic videos taken over a two day period. All chiropractic videos are of the doctor.

We than re-code many of the original chiropractic videos to end up with about 600 newly coded chiropractic videos.

Each of the 600 chiropractic videos is seen by Googles robots as fresh and not redundant. This is important because Google does not give credit for redundant content either videos, articles or blogs.

We then take those 600 chiropractic videos and send them to 20 videos sharing sites twice a year.

This is how at online chiropractic marketing systems you can have over 24000K chiropractic videos on the internet, Facebook or Youtube promoting your chiropractic practice.

For more information on how to get 24000K chiropractic videos on the internet give me a call at (813) 480-1693.


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