22 Proximity Based Chiropractic Online Marketing Keywords

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

When potential patients search your chiropractic online marketing for a chiropractor over 67% of the time the location or proximity will be included in their search.

Remember after someone has a need there are 5 reasons why they will pick you over the competition.

They are:

  1. Referral
  2. Proximity
  3. Price
  4. Quality
  5. Service

It is shocking to chiropractors when I tell them the statistics that only 3% will pick you based on you service or quality.

Over 67% of the potential patients will choose you because you are close to where they work or live.

So when you perform chiropractic online marketing be sure to use several proximity keywords.

As an example I use 22 variations of my clients keywords when performing their chiropractic online marketing.

Here they are:

  1. Chiropractor (Your town)
  2. Chiropractic (Your town)
  3. Chiropractors in (Your town)
  4. Chiropractors (Your town)
  5. Chiropractors near (Your town)
  6. Chiropractor near (Your town)
  7. (Your town) Chiropractor
  8. (Your town) (State Abbrev.) Chiropractor
  9. (Your town) (State Abbrev.) Chiropractors
  10. (Your town) Chiropractic
  11. (Your town) Chiropractors
  12. (Your zip-code) Chiropractor
  13. Chiropractor (Your zip-code)
  14. (Your zip-code) Chiropractic
  15. (Your zip-code) Chiropractor
  16. (Your zip-code) Chiropractors
  17. Chiropractic (Your zip-code)
  18. Chiropractic Office (Your zip-code)
  19. Chiropractic Office (Your town)
  20. Chiropractic Doctor (Your town)
  21. Chiropractor Doctor (Your town)
  22. Chiropractic Physician (Your town)

So when you are performing your chiropractic online maketing be sure to include these proximity keywords into all your content: videos, blogs, articles, press releases.

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