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Chiropractor Marketing Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractor Marketing Expert

When using chiropractor marketing techniques their is a formula, blueprint or science. Unless you have studied marketing you probably would not be exposes to the science of chiropractor marketing.

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The formula for chiropractor marketing is as follows:

  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Psychographics
  • Gateways
  • Vehicle of Deliver
  • Needs Analysis
  • Solution
  • Why You
  • Offer
  • Deadline

If you follow this chiropractor marketing formula your chances of increasing your chiropractic new patients significantly increase.

The single most important aspect of the chiropractor marketing formula is the needs analysis component. If you do not know how to establish the need in your prospective patient you chances on getting them to come into your office significantly decreases.

Our chiropractor marketing systems not only show how to attract the 92% of the population who are not seeking chiropractic care, but we have systems to create new patients staring with your existing new patient significant other, to their child to their best friend or co-worker.

The more you follow the science of chiropractor marketing the more new patient you will get and the busier you will become

For more information on our chiropractor marketing systems give me a call at 813-480-1693.

Chiropractor Marketing, Dr. Paul Hollern.

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Chiropractor Marketing used by Dr. Paul Hollern to Open 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 states.

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Why Chiropractic Internet Marketing Is Huge

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

The single idea which transformed my perception of the possibilities of chiropractic is the S-Curve of economics and chiropractic internet marketing.

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The S-Curve of economics is the blueprint for reaching unlimited new patients while chiropractic internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach thousand of chiropractic patients.

The bad news about chiropractic is only 8% of the population is seeking chiropractic care annually. So that number is dived by your competition.

Good news is 92% of the population is not seeking chiropractic care. Right there you may say what do you mean?

Well it’s only good news if you know chiropractic internet marketing and how to attract this large segment of the population.

Here is why is is good news that 92% of the population does not seek chiropractic care. Out of that 92%, two thirds of them have back pain, neck pain or headaches at least once a month.

  • Only 32% of the population with back pain seeks chiropractic care.
  • Back pain is the second leading cause of hospital visits.
  • Back pain is the second leading reason patients go to a general practitioner.
  • Back pain is the second leading cause of workers compensation injuries.
  • So you see there are many potential patients suffering with back pain alone who do not seek chiropractic care.

The most important factor which will determine how many new patients you create in your chiropractic practice is an understanding of how to use chiropractic internet marketing to reach and pull in the other 92% not looking for a chiropractor

For more information on learning the S-Curve of economics and how chiropractic internet marketing can boost your practice give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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Power Of Online Chiropractic Marketing Social Proof

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Expert

Testimonials are what is call social proof. Social proof tops all forms of marketing Why? “TRUST”

We have a high tendency to trust what our peers think and have to say. One of the main reasons is we do not feel they have a vested interest.

Social Proof is the Most Effective Form of Marketing

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As we expand our online chiropractic marketing services we try to include as much social proof for your chiropractic office as possible.

Some of the main components that should be included in a testimonial are:

  • Personal full name
  • Occupation
  • Where they live
  • How they heard about you
  • What are their perceived benefits
  • Would they recommend this product or service

Generally speaking when getting social proof for your online chiropractic marketing the more personal information revealed about that person the more believable.

Social proof is a way for a potential patient to get information about you without having to do a lot of research or spent the time and money only to find out they do not like the product.

So even if you do no form of online chiropractic marketing the very least you should consider is social proof and testimonials.

For more information on how online chiropractic marketing can help build and maintain your chiropractic practice give me a call at 183-480-1693.

Online Chiropractic Marketing, Automated New Patient Internet Marketing for Low Tech Chiropractors.

Call: Dr. Paul Hollern (813) 480-1693.

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