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Online Chiropractic Marketing Website Mistake:

Too Many Options

7 units is all we can handle effectively, or you get paralysis of analysis

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Too many options creates confusion, paralysis and stops people from acting. This chiropractic marketing website has 39 options. Most of the choices are irrelevant are not wanted or needed on the home page.

You risk loosing potential patients from your chiropractic internet marketing website by overwhelming the viewer

84% of the population seeks chiropractic for back, neck and head pain. That’s only 3 major links.

The aver person only asks 7 main questions from insurance to cost to time questions. That is only 10 links than lead to detailed information concerning that question.

Simple, clean and clear with plenty of white space makes for a easy read and navigated website. Talk majors, not all the minors.

Online Chiropractic Marketing Describes Website Competitive Analysis

How to evaluate your chiropractic internet marketing competition

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There are several steps to evaluating the competition for your keywords. In this video I describe a brief evaluation of a possible competitor for the keyword ft lauderdale chiropractor.

The second step in dominating the first page of Google

(after researching your keywords)

is to evaluate the competition

Fortunately their is a science to the first page of Google and by evaluating the competition you will gain a better understanding for what it will take to overcome your competitors.

Google is not a socialist system which distributes traffic equally regardless of input. Google is a capitalistic system. The good news is if you have knowledge and spend the time and effort your can compete against the big boys in many industries on the internet.

Those who create the most value for their online chiropractic marketing win in the public eyes and Googles.

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems Food Drive Benefits Kids Cafe

Dr. Paul Hollern and fellow chiropractors promote underprivileged Kids Food Bank

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All chiropractic services are donated by the chiropractors in exchange for donated canned food items.

Donated chiropractic services include:

  • Free chiropractic treatment
  • Free therapy’s
  • Free massage
  • Free exams
  • Free x-rays if needed for new patients

All services are November 20 from 10am to 1pm.

In addition their will be a cookout offering free hamburgers, chips and drinks.

This is the second annual food drive lead by Dr. Paul Hollern and online chiropractic marketing systems. Last year we collected about 1000K pounds of food for the charity.