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Online Chiropractic Marketing Meets CNN

Dr. Paul Hollern attends Governors debate hosted by CNN and USF campus

The Florida governors debate was held on the USF campus in Tampa FL. The event was nationally televised by CNN. After the event I was able to meet John King anchor of CNN.

Not that I’m a fan of CNN or Mr. King, but watching the marketing of the candidates, USF and CNN is always fascinating. Especially when you get to experience it live.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m reminded at the power of the internet and how less significant the major TV stations have become. Of of this is great for the consumer and the small businss over aka chiropractor.

If your a chiropractor you now have the ability to have your own media empire using the tools of the internet. Either learning those tools or hiring someone to run your online chiropractic marketing empire is a must in today’s economy. If you have not started by now your already behind.

If you want to dominate Google and learn how to create your own internet media empire call me at 813-480-1693.

The Tooth Caboose–Great Marketing

Old train caboose used for children’s dental waiting room

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Recently I was driving to one of my online chiropractic marketing clients when I passed this red caboose. I had to stop the car and find out what was the story.

A dentist bought this old train caboose in a junk yard cleaned it up and painted it bright red. He then attached it to his dental office and uses it for the kids waiting room.

He named it “The Tooth Caboose”

What a novel idea. You cannot miss this caboose driving down the road.

If your marketing looks like everybody else s your guarantee it will not to work.

But if you have a little courage to do the unusual, odd, or different you become memorable.

Once for a patient appreciation day I rented one of those big blow up guerrilla’s and placed it on the roof of my office. That stirred up alot of talk in the town. I could not have paid for that kind of buzz.

Try the big purple guerrilla at your next office promotion. Be Bold!

Search Engine Optimize Online Chiropractic Marketing

Place your key word in the title tag

Optimizing your web-page includes 7 components for optimal search engine optimization. Of the seven the title tag is probably the most important tag.

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Be sure to place your keyword in the title tag of all your online chiropractic marketing media.

You would be surprised how may website I evaluate that do not have the chiropractors keyword in the title tag. Or if they do have a keyword in the title tag it is not a very well researched keyword.

Remember those keywords are what make your content come up on the first page of Google when a potential patient enters words into the search box.

3 components to chiropractic internet marketing:

  1. Well researched keywords
  2. Content well optimized
  3. Content well optimized and distributed

Leave a comment, let me know what your using for your keywords!

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