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Place Keyword in Title for Online Chiropractic Marketing SEO

Make sure your keyword is in your title tag of your web page for your chiropractic internet marketing

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It is very important to place your keyword in the title tag for search engine optimization. Each page should have it’s own keyword specific content.

Of the the 7 components to optimize a web page

your key word in the title tag is the most important!

I have opened 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states and am the founder of online chiropractic marketing systems a marketing company that specializes in chiropractic internet marketing.

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How link juice effects your online chiropractic marketing content

Link juice is search engine optimization strength for your chiropractic internet marketing

Recently I came across this video explaining how link juice works. Link juice is the fond name given to the (SEO) search engine optimization strength of your online content.

It is your link juice that that will determine your ranking in the search engines

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One of the most common questions I hear when I speak to chiropractors about their online marketing presence is:

  • What is SEO?

SEO or your “link juice” is what will determine your rank in the search engines and by default how much business you get from your chiropractic internet marketing.

SEO comes before Subluxation!

Why Blog your Online Chiropractic Marketing Website

Blogging helps patients relations, SEO for chiropractic internet marketing

Reason #1:

Blogs add personality to your business!

The Internet is an extremely impersonal business medium, and any opportunity you have to give your chiropractic practice some personality will increase your potential for new patients and reactivate old patients.

Fact: People like to buy services from people (not machines!)

If you use a blog to give your business a “voice,” your chiropractic patients will get a better sense of who the guy or gal behind the practice really is. That’ll help you build a stronger relationship with your patients — and that will improve your chiropractic practice!

Just remember: Your blog should not be written in medical terminanolgy! It should be extremely casual and personal.

Your chiropractic patients should feel as if you’re speaking directly to them — sharing personal stories, useful tidbits of information, your thoughts on new developments in the natural health care industry — whatever your readers will find useful and informative.

Also, your blog posts don’t have to be long articles! In fact, you’ll be better off if they’re not. Most popular bloggers keep their posts to 400-500 words maximum, and many of their posts are often much shorter.

Reason #2:

Blogs help you get listed in Google quickly!

The Internets top search engines favor sites that have new, original content being added on a regular basis — and that means they LOVE blogs.

I have found that a properly optimized blog post can show up in Google’s top 10 listings in less than 10 days!

I jump on every opportunity I come across to capitalize on free traffic from Google. You should, too. And right now, blog are one of the easiest ways to legitimately explode your free traffic numbers.

Of course, I have only scratched the surface of blogging here. In order to create a truly effective chiropractic blog, you need to understand the finer details of setting up your blog and optimizing it for the search engines.

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