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How Online Chiropractic Marketing

works varies slightly depending on the audience

Four Step Method of Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems:

Step 1.
Letters, postcards or e-mails are used to communicate with the target market. (Sent up to 3 times to get them to act)
The content of the communication (letter, postcard, e-mail) has a specific and compelling message which includes an offer.

Within the message is a vanity Domain Name, URL link, or Web Address. (Ex.
The message asks them to go to that Web address for a specific message and an offer for free information.

The Web address in the letter leads them a one page website called a “landing page”.
The landing page has specific content relative to that target audience. (New Patient, PI Attorney, Re-Activation etc.)

Step 2.
When they reach the landing page they are asked to give their e-mail address in exchange for free information.

Step 3.
After they give their e-mail address the page opens to a video presentation.
The video presentation is a pre-recorded message delivered by you.

Your message is very specific to that target audience.
The video message focuses on your target audience specific Problem, Want or Need.
Followed by a Solution you have to offer, and Why they should pick You.

Included is an Offer to motivate them to act and a Deadline to get them to act NOW.
The message is designed to get that person to act NOW. Either by calling for an appointment, referring a PI patient, or re-activating a patient.

Step 4.
If they do not act now, every 5 days they are sent an e-mail with a pre-recorded message from an auto-responder. (They previously gave up their e-mail address)

“An auto-responder is a software program that will automatically send messages you create at times you want them to be sent”
The messages are Pre-Recorded Videos of you delivering a very specific script that relates to them.
These reminders are automatic and continue to communicate with the potential prospect until the desired action has been taken.

Weather it is a New Patient calling for an appointment, PI Attorney referring patients, or Non-Active patients becoming active.
Those are the Basics:

What We Do For YOU:

  • Set up all the communication systems.
  • Video you delivering the messages.
  • Edit all the videos.
  • Upload all the videos.
  • Write the script for each target audience.
  • Set up the landing page web site.
  • Set up the auto-responder.
  • Set up the auto mailing systems.
  • What You Do:

  • Read a script from a teleprompter while we video record.
  • Upload Names and Address from your target audience.
  • This is How the 10 Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems Work.

    The 10 Systems include:

  • New Patient Referral System
  • Spouse and Children Referral System
  • Retention System
  • Re-Activation System
  • PI Attorney Referral System
  • Auto Accident Referral System
  • General Practitioner and Neurosurgeons System
  • Direct Mail System
  • Online Chiropractic Marketing

    14 Possibilities to Build your Practice

    by Dr. Paul Hollern

    Online Marketing for Chiropractors need not be a Maze

    Online or Internet marketing for chiropractors can take many forms. These are some of the methods I use to help chiropractors build and maintain their practices using the Internet.

    1. Website traffic
    2. Social media
    3. Paid advertising
    4. Banner ads
    5. Video marketing
    6. Facebook ads
    7. Pay per click
    8. List building
    9. News releases
    10. E-mail marketing
    11. Squidoo marketing
    12. Podcasting
    13. Classified ads
    14. Article marketing

    You certainly do not need to know all of these online marketing techniques, but using two or three in your chiropractic marketing campaign will definitely have an impact.


    • The yellow pages and newspapers are dead!
    • 81% of US households have access to a computer!
    • 90% of US households have access to the Internet!

    If it’s not a referral, now days patients look you up on the Internet.

    • Only 11% actually put a URL or domain name in the domain box.
    • Over 89% use the search box to find the information they are looking for.
    • Only 14% will pick the pay per click ads on the right hand side of Google.

    Most potential patients will use the search box for a specific keyword, than pick one of the top 10 listings in Google’s organic or non paid listings.

    If you are looking for more business you have to go where the business goes.

    And the business is on the Internet!

    I suggest having an Internet consultant evaluate one of the previous online marketing programs that fits your style of marketing and budget.

    In the older days chiropractors used to pay the yellow pages $300 to $1000 per month to drive patients to their office. That budget has moved to the Internet. The Internet is not a static piece of marketing. It is a constantly changing dynamic. This is way I suggest chiropractors get with a Internet marketer, design your online marketing presence and drive it.

    If you need more information Internet marketing for chiropractors go to I specialize in internet marketing for chiropractors.

    Online Chiropractic Marketing

    The Ultimate Guide to Facebook

    This was an interesting post to help with online marketing for chiropractors. It contains some of the most basic principles for social media marketing specifically Facebook.

    Take a look and tell me what you think!

    For more information on How to Market your Chiropractic Practice Online

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