20 Chiropractic Online Marketing Tips

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

When potential patients are searching the internet for a chiropractors office, seventy five percent of the time or greater they will do what is called a proximity search.

The will put some form of their proximity into the Google search box.

The proximity keyword is typically a local keyword not a large city keyword.

The average distance a patient will travel depends on if they are in inner city, suburb or county

Potential patients will pick a keyword which represents close proximity to them.

As an example a potential chiropractic online marketing patient will Google their suburb of Tampa before they will Google Tampa.

The following is a list of 20 proximity keywords in which patients will Google when searching for a chiropractor.

Your chiropractic online marketing should include all 20 keywords to attract the largest possible potential patients.

Our chiropractic online marketing clients are covered for these 20 proximity keywords:

  1. Chiropractor (Your town)
  2. Chiropractors in (Your town)
  3. Chiropractors (Your town)
  4. (Your town) Chiropractor
  5. (Your town) (State Abbrev) Chiropractic
  6. (Your town) (State Abbrev.) Chiropractor
  7. (Your town) (State Abbrev.) Chiropractors
  8. (Your town) Chiropractic
  9. (Your town) Chiropractors
  10. (Your zip-code) Chiropractor
  11. (Your zip-code) Chiropractic
  12. Chiropractor (Your zip-code)
  13. (Your zip-code) Chiropractic
  14. Chiropractic (Your zip-code)
  15. Chiropractic Office (Your zip-code)
  16. Chiropractic Office (Your town)
  17. Chiropractic (Your town)
  18. Chiropractic Doctor (Your town)
  19. Chiropractor Doctor (Your town)
  20. Chiropractic Physician (Your town)

If your interested in dominating your competition and being on the first page of Google for 20 proximity keywords, give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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