110 Google Places Videos for Marketing Chiropractic Online

Dr. Paul Hollern, Marketing Chiropractic Online Expert

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One of the best strategies for marketing chiropractic online is to use videos for your Google Places listing.

Potential new patients will search for a chiropractor near their location, most notably their city, town or zip code.

If you have videos that come up on the first page of Google for the location which they are searching then you stand the best change of getting these new patients over your chiropractor competitors.

Our marketing for chiropractic online clients receive 110 videos for Google places.

Our marketing chiropractic online videos include 22 location based keywords combined with 5 videos for each keyword.

So when a potential patient searches the online for chiropractors in the back yard our marketing chiropractic online videos pop up and chances are you will get the new patient over your competition.

If you take 22 various keywords potential new patients will Google and match that with 5 videos this will total 110 Google Places videos for your marketing chiropractic online.

If one or more of the marketing chiropractic online videos do not show on the first page chances are one or tow of the other five will.

We not only create and upload 110 videos for marketing chiropractic online we upload them to 7 different video sharing site.

When we upload 110 videos to 7 video sharing sites this creates over 700 videos for marketing chiropractic online videos which are search engine optimized for 22 different keyword combinations for your chiropractic practice location.

For more information on how to marketing your chiropractic practice online give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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