1 in 5 health insurance claims wrongly handled

was a recent news headline

Doctors’ group says mistakes by insurers shortchange physicians

Claims-processing errors by health insurance companies create billions of dollars in unnecessary administrative costs, slow down payments to doctors and frustrate patients.

TheĀ  “National Health Insurer Report Card” rated the nation’s eight largest health insurers in how they handle claims, and concluded that if all problems were resolved the system would save $15.5 billion annually in administrative costs.

Currently, the health care system spends as much as $210 billion annually on claims processing. Doctors have long complained about excessive paperwork required to satisfy insurance companies.

Online electronic health care systems should significantly reduce these cost.

“Each insurer uses different rules for processing and paying medical claims, which cause complexity, confusion and waste.

Simplifying the administrative process with standardized requirements will reduce unnecessary costs in the health system.

Conventry Health Care was rated the best with an accuracy rate for processing and paying claims of 88.4 percent.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield was at the bottom with a score of 74 percent.

The percentage of claims denied ranged from 0.7 percent to 4.5 percent.

For any of us in the health care field this is well know and a major frustration. Most of us want to play by the rules just ask not to have a different set of rules per insurer or change every calendar year.

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