10 Automated Online Chiropractic Marketing New Patient and Personal Injury Marketing Systems for Low Tech Chiropractors!

How It Works:

We support chiropractors with 10 new patient online chiropractic marketing systems that includes personal injury marketing!

The first 5 marketing systems is the order of where the 8% of the population searches when seeking a chiropractor and they are:

  1. Video Newsletter: You should always keep in touch with your past patients for 2 reasons, if they have a re-injury and their circle of influence will ask them for a chiropractor referral.

  2. Insurance Videos: We create and SEO videos that show up and answer the patients questions when they search the internet for a chiropractor on their insurance plan.

  3. Google for Business: The is the where patients will search on the interne for a chiropractor in their area.

  4. Condition Videos: We create videos of all the major conditions chiropractors treat and SEO them so when patients search their condition in your area you show up with the solution.

  5. Pro active Office Sign: We create a highly specific message around your office sign that drives them to a educational sales video and offer about their specific problem.

    We include 5 additional online chiropractic marketing systems and personal injury marketing:

  6. Personal Injury Attorney Marketing: We offer personal injury training and marketing, the single most lucrative category you can perform as a chiropractor.

  7. Medical Doctor Personal Injury Marketing: Our medical doctor marketing overcomes the barriers of getting referrals from medical doctors.

  8. Insurance Claims Personal Injury Marketing: This is a highly untapped source of personal injury patients however it does take a very specific message and that’s what we do.

  9. Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing: Facebook marketing is the single highest target marketing you can participate.

  10. YouTube Video Marketing: We create videos of all the common condition so when potential patients search for their problem in your area your video pops up and offers a solution to their problem.

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems Also Includes:

Live Weekly Personal Injury Training Webinars:
• Personal Injury Marketing
• Documentation
• Colossus Financial Drivers
• Narrative Report Writing
• How to Objectively Document Injuries
• Personal Injury Attorney Educational Sales Presentation

Why Dr. Paul

• Opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 States Seeing Over 600K Patient Visits
• Speaker on Chiropractic Business and Marketing to 3 Chiropractic Schools, Logan, Parker and Texas.
• Testimony Settled the Largest Civil Case in the County
• Serves as Expert Personal Injury Cases

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If After 72 Hours of the Initial Purchase You For Are Not Completely Satisfied We Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Super Bonus!

Free Practice Analysis:

Shows Exactly Where In Your Business You Can Increase Your Income Over 100K in 90 Days!

Be Aware:

Due to the Extreme Personalization of Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems, We Can Only Accept 4 New Clients Monthly and Frequently Have a Waiting List!

10 Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems:

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