10 Automated Online Chiropractic New Patient and Personal Injury Marketing Systems for Low Tech Chiropractors!

How It Works:

  • Start by Shooting About 50 Videos of the Chiropractor Covering All the Topics We Will Use for Your Online Chiropractic Marketing and Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing.

  • Then We Create a Custom Website and Embed All the Custom Videos of the Doctor Into the Website.

  • We Then Use All the Custom Videos of the Chiropractor to Create These 10 Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems!

1. Patient E-mail Video Newsletter:

We Create an Automated Patient E-mail That Includes a Link with Your Video Sharing Educational Information on How You Can Help Their Back Pain, Neck Pain and Car Accident Injuries With a Offer to Call.

2. Insurance Videos:

We Create Videos of Each of Your Insurance Companies So When Patients Google Their Insurance Company Looking for a Chiropractor Your Video Shows Up Answering the 4 Questions They Have and Getting Them to Call You and Not the Competition.

3. Google Business (Local):

Create and Support Your Google Business Account Registering You i the Search Engines, Social Media, National Directories and Local Directors.

4. Chiropractor Condition Videos:

We Create Videos of the Chiropractor Explaining How You Can Help There Condition. So When They Google Any One of 16 Conditions With Any One of 3 Doctor Keywords (Chiropractor, Doctor, Clinic) Your Video Shows Up With You Explaining How You Can Help that Particular Problem and an Offer to Call.

5. Chiropractor Therapy Videos:

We Do the Exact Same Thing as With the Doctor Videos But Keyword Each Video for Treatment and Therapy With a Offer to Call.

6. Office Sign Video Marketing:

We Create a Compelling Message Which Can be Promoted at Your Front Office Which Sends Them to a Website for a Video Presentation of You the Doctor Delivering the Information and a Call to Action.

7. Personal Injury Attorney Educational Sales Presentation:

We Create a Video Campaign Series of You the Doctor Delivering a Strong Educational Sales Presentation to Your List of PI Attorneys.

8. Facebook Pay Per Click:

We Set Up and Manage Your Personal Facebook Campaign Using the Website We Create for You and Your Personal Videos on the Topics of PI Injury, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Disc Herniation. Additional Topics Can be Substituted at No Additional Charge.

9. Personal Injury Medical Doctor Referral Marketing Campaign:

We Create a Video Message of You the Doctor and Send it to Your List of Local Medical Doctors Stimulating PI Medical Referrals.

10. Personal Injury Insurance Adjuster Referral Marketing Campaign:

We Create a Video Message of You the Doctor and Send it to Your List of Local Insurance Adjusters Stimulating Personal Injury Referrals.


Live Weekly Webinar Topics:
• Personal Injury Marketing
• Documentation
• Colossus Financial Drivers
• Narrative Report Writing
• How to Objectively Document Injuries
• Personal Injury Attorney Educational Sales Presentation

Why Dr. Paul

• Opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 States Seeing Over 600K Patient Visits
• Speaker on Chiropractic Business and Marketing to 3 Chiropractic Schools, Logan, Parker and Texas.
• Testimony Settled the Largest Civil Case in the County
• Serve as Expert Witness

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We Understand You Are Making an Investment and Want Results!

If After 30 Days For Whatever Reason You Are Not Completely 100% Satisfied With Our Services, We Offer a Complete 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked!

Super Bonus!

Free Practice Analysis:

Shows Exactly Where In Your Business You Can Increase Your Income Over 100K in 90 Days!

Be Aware:

Due to the Extreme Personalization of Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems, We Can Only Accept 4 New Clients Monthly and Frequently Have a Waiting List!

10 Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems:

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